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Creating Leaders from the Inside Out

Tanveer Naseer - Headshot

How do you tend to lead? Do you regularly build and strengthen employee morale? How do you help your school or district succeed and thrive in today’s fast-paced, global environment? Tanveer Naseer, IT4K12’s second Keynote Speaker, will provide you with insights you might not expect.

“Often leaders can’t see the gap that exists between what they want their leadership to represent and how others actually experience their leadership,” explains Naseer. “Many of us experience a common perceptual problem where our brain sends us false signals assuring us that everything is okay, when it’s not. This phenomenon is called Leadership Vertigo.”

Leadership Vertigo is a book written by Naseer who is also an award-winning and internationally renowned leadership writer. Although IT4K12 has a mixed audience, Naseer knows that both educators and IT staff often work in groups, collaborating and dealing in leadership interactions every day, leading in areas they might not even be aware of.

“Although the various processes we use may be different, generally we face the same people issues and it’s important to have everyone on board,” notes Naseer. “We need to invest in each other.”

Naseer invested in his education, but not in the subject you’d expect. Obtaining his Masters in Pathology, Naseer started working within medical science. He soon realized the challenges when working together from so many different disciplines.

“I was working with such a multi-disciplinary team, including the nurses, doctors and more,” shares Naseer. “It was so many different perspectives and focal points and I realized we couldn’t look at ourselves as titles, and instead we needed to create a team that inspired and brought working solutions to the table.”

When we’re told to ‘tap into our strengths’ we often may not even know what those are. Naseer encourages us to focus on what strengthens us. What makes us want to get up and go. Our internal motivation drops based on our impact. If we feel we are contributing, we feel valued and our motivation increases.

“At the end of the day, we all make mistakes,” explains Naseer. “But often we want to do better and we’re looking for those opportunities to prove ourselves.”

A great example Naseer gives is with a NBA basketball coach and the way he kept his team focused. Every time a team member would score, instead of just focusing on that celebration, they would all start yelling “Next Play”. They were focusing on the next shot, the next basket, how to do even better in the game. How do we transfer this mentality to our everyday life? How do we get teams invested and empowered?

“My goal is for people to leave with the understanding that it’s not just about doing better,” Naseer encourages. “It’s about understanding the opportunity within the job and not just about helping, but about connecting to their life’s work.”

You can find out more about Tanveer Naseer here and check out his book Leadership Vertigo here. If you haven’t yet registered for IT4K12, do it soon – you won’t want to miss hearing from Tanveer Naseer on Day Two at IT4K12!