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Engaging Visual Learners in New and Exciting Ways With Technology


“I hated school. I was a different learner and teachers couldn’t connect with me,” explains Leslie Fisher, one of ERAC’s IT4K12 Keynote Speakers. “I really had no idea how much I loved learning until later in life. Back then we didn’t have the technological tools available to the student the way we do now. It’s so much more engaging now and the tools can help create different ways of learning.”

One of the ways Fisher saw new learning in action was through the use of augmented reality. A usually, non-expressive child was excited to bring their Guinness Book of World Records (with augmented reality) to school for Show and Tell. The teacher loaded the app onto the Ipad and they presented the tallest person in the world in 3D. The child was then able to stand beside the 3D tall person for comparison! Show and Tell got a little bit more exciting!

Excited to learn is what the teachers in the Philippines were experiencing when Fisher met with them. She had travelled the distance to work with teachers on integrating technology into their classrooms. The greatest memory for Fisher was the excitement they had around learning new things.

“I have so many happy memories of my time there. The teachers were so excited to learn, you couldn’t help but get excited also!,” notes Fisher. “My goal essentially is to give educators tools that can make their lives easier. Where they become the hero just by understanding how to be flexible with a device and its use.”

Fisher understands the IT audience very well also, noting that their role is dramatically changing. Because of the fast-paced, technologically advanced world that we live in now, IT personnel often find it challenging to meet the needs of the classroom based on the technological ability of the educator.

“It’s imperative that teachers take a look at what IT staff have done to assist them within the classrooms and for IT staff to find the tools that work best for educators,” explains Fisher. “The goal should be to accomplish two things; making the lives of teachers easier, and adding more engagement for the child.”

Engaged is what IT4K12 participants will be when listening to this Keynote Speaker! Leslie Fisher is known to be informative and entertaining and has a great sense of humour. So join us and listen as Fisher explains the Technology Time Machine and touches on what was, what is and where we’re going. Click on this registration link to attend IT4K12 and find more about Leslie Fisher here.