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Epson is a leading manufacturer in projectors, printers, professional imaging, scanners, and systems devices. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, member of a school technical staff or other K-12 affiliated customer, we are here to assist you with your search for the right Epson products for your classrooms. Our Brighter Futures Program offers special pricing for education, interactive projectors, classroom and large room projectors, document cameras, discounted replacement lamps, accessories and post-sales support. Plus, with our exceptional support programs and 3-year warranty coverage on projectors, you and your staff can stay focused on what matters most.

Schools, districts, colleges, universities and other education agencies qualify for Epson education discounts. You’ll always find the latest pricing information online at epson.ca/edguide. Our goal is to deliver technology for students and teachers to make instruction engaging and effective. You can count on Epson.