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An easy solution to help you teach more effectively

There are enough challenges being a teacher today without having to deal with outdated technologies that hinder what you sincerely want to do: teach young people. The introduction of new technologies and standards only exacerbate the situation. They place an even greater strain on your school’s IT, which is struggling to provide the best possible education environment with ever-decreasing budgets and ever-increasing regulation and compliance requirements. Consider where you are now. Does it take forever to download and display a multimedia presentation or access a website? Is it easy to monitor your students’ computer activity and classroom progress? Are you able to easily prevent them from accessing inappropriate websites or those that contain malware? Is collaboration and teamwork easy? What if there were a technology solution that could let you efficiently control your classroom and improve your students’ learning outcomes? And what if it could also satisfy your school administrators’ requirements of being cost effective, resiliently secure, and easy to manage and deploy—all while leveraging existing investments? The HP Converged Campus Network for primary and secondary education can do all of that.

HP Converged Campus Network solutions for primary and secondary education are easy to manage, fast, scalable, and secure—and help you get the most out of what you already have. They promote improved learning outcomes in the digital classroom while answering your school’s IT demands for greater agility, performance, security, cost-effectiveness, and investment protection.

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