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Send in Your Presentation Proposals NOW for IT4K12 (Innovative Technology for K12)!

Call for Presentations - Downloadable Format for Printing/Sharing

We are excited to extend the opportunity to become the first presenters of our inaugural IT4K12 (Innovative Technology for K12) conference!

The goal of this conference is to help transform the learning landscape for teaching, learning and IT within the BC K-12 education system, by:

  • Increasing awareness of, and capacity to use, the resources we already have
  • Sharing best practices and fostering collaboration.
  • Previewing emerging technologies as well as new resources, tools, and formats.
  • Exploring district solutions and challenges both in IT and the classroom

There will be two distinct streams of breakout sessions: a Technology Architects program for IT professionals and a Learning Architects program for education professionals. Then each day there will be a central program of keynotes, plenary sessions and intriguing MESH networking sessions to bring the two groups together.

School District Personnel Presenters

  • 60 minute presentation sessions
  • Choose Program Track (see below)
  • Travel/Accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the presenter
  • Must complete Presenter Proposal Form
  • Submit proposal by October 1, 2015
  • All presenters must register for conference
  • ERAC Member presenters receive 40% discount on registration

NOTE: Vendors Can Present if the Following Criteria are Met:

  1. Presentation must be member-submitted and member-led with vendor as co-presenter only
  2. Vendor MUST still purchase an exhibitor conference sponsorship of some kind (choice of Bronze to Platinum Plus) to co-present
  3. No one vendor will be allowed to participate in more than 2 sessions

Need some inspiration? View previous IT4K12 presentations here.

 Four Easy Steps for Submission


Choose your Format

Complete Proposal Form


“Technology Architects”
Tracks to Choose from

Customer Experience & Service Quality

District and school IT departments have one thing in common with IT departments everywhere – the measure of their success is ultimately based on how well they serve their ‘customers’. At this conference, you have a chance to rub shoulders with your customers: educators, administrators, even students! Come share your experiences and expertise in developing and implementing processes and solutions to address the needs of those you serve, show your colleagues your tricks and tools for automation of different services, and the demonstrate how your department is leading the way in helping your District become a truly digital organization. How do you define and provide exceptional customer experiences?

Nuts & Bolts

Share your experiences (the good, the bad, the truly ugly and the truly awesome) as an IT professional working every day with the technical infrastructure that keeps your organization humming along. Topics might include NGN implementation tips and best practices, My Education BC implementation, Mobile Device Management, Network Management, Security, Infrastructure, cloud services, SCCM and other Microsoft solution deployments, etc.)

Creating Capacity Through District Collaboration

You know who you are! You’re the person who not only goes above and beyond to keep your District’s IT infrastructure in tip top shape but you’re always ready to give someone else a hand. Districts and schools have so many needs, wants and challenges in common, it’s a shame that we don’t have more ways to easily collaborate. Here’s your chance to lend a hand! Come share your deployment success stories, plan and deliver an implementation how-to workshop, share your privacy impact assessments, or make someone else’s work a whole lot easier by sharing parent communication and inclusion strategies, etc. It looks easy when you’ve figured it all out but for those just starting out, your knowledge and expertise can make the road ahead much easier to travel.

“Learning Architects”
Tracks to Choose from

BC Digital Classroom: Best Practices, Tips & Tools

The new BC Digital Classroom suite of digital learning resources provides new opportunities to introduce your students to high quality online learning resources. Some of the licensed content is tried and true while some is truly brand new. Share your District or school’s experience in promoting and supporting your teachers and students in using the resources in the BC Digital Classroom. Anyone can do a product demo – we’re looking for real life stories of how you use these resources to enhance teaching or learning.

Elevating Technology in the Classroom

Until you put it to work to enhance the teaching and learning experiences in schools, technology is just, well, technology. In the hands of skilled educators though, technology can elevate and transform learning like never before. Come share your experiences in taking technology and enhancing it to create a useful teaching and learning tool. Hardware (tablets, laptops, handheld devices, etc.) or software (for teaching, learning, assessment or management) stories are welcome here. Just remember though – if you are involving a vendor as a co-presenter, they MUST be an exhibiting sponsor at the conference. We know they love their product – that’s their job. What our conference participants want to know is why and how you have used that product to enhance a teaching or learning experience

Creating Connections

The best learning happens when learners connect successfully with other learners and the world around them. This is true whether the learners are students or teachers or administrators or IT staff. How do you create connections with and between others in this ever-evolving digital world? What tools do you use to connect? How do you take basic technology tools and use them to transform the teaching and learning environment? If you’re using Skype, Twitter, Makerspace, Minecraft or any other digital tool to create and enhance connections in and out of the classroom, we want to hear about it!



Formats to Choose from

Length - 60 minutes
Includes Q & A
Length - 60 minutes
Includes Q & A
Deployment Workshop
Length - Up to 3 hours
Strong focus on skill/knowledge transfer (ie: the “how to” of implementation projects)
Workshops must be District-led. Vendors may participate as co-presenters but they MUST be an exhibiting sponsor at the conference
Round Table Discussion
Length - 60 minutes
Propose a current or emerging topic in IT that you believe is important to the K-12 IT or Education sector
Plan to facilitate a group discussion on this topic
Clearly outline the topic or issue for the participants and guide the discussion through prepared questions, opinions and local examples of how this topic/issue affects (or could affect) delivery of service
Consider obtaining a co-facilitator for back up and assistance
Length - 75 minutes
Semi-formal, networking session
ERAC books the room and schedules the session – you pick the topic – we add it to the published IT4K12 conference program - and you facilitate the discussion when people show up
You can do a brief presentation at the start if you want, or simply have a plan to seed the group with questions to get the discussion underway
Be prepared to host your session once on each day of the conference. MESH sessions are offered twice so that more people can access them.

Please submit your presentation by October 1, 2015 using the Presentation Submission Form. Questions can be sent to info@bcerac.ca


 This Year's Sponsors


We invite you to sponsor this year's event and secure the opportunity to reach many influential technological decision-makers in BC's K-12 education sector.


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