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IT4K12 Presentations for 2015

This event you’ll be able to enjoy captured presentations of both a technical nature as well as educational. We were also pleased to see that many of the presentations were marked 4 or higher with the highest being a 5. You can view all the presentations below:


Keynote & Plenaries

Keynote: “How to Overcome Leadership Vertigo to Drive Success”
By Tanveer Naseer 

Keynote: “The Technology Time Machine”
By Leslie Fisher

General Presentations

Listed Alphabetically

“BC Digital Classroom Collection – Beyond Databases”
By Kevin Amboe 

“BC Digital Classroom – Students as Creators and Makers”
By Kevin Amboe 

“Bringing your Classroom Online with SharePoint Learning Spaces”
By Shannon Hagen and Matthew Hull 

“Dr. Planning Starting to Think About Disaster Recover for IT Systems”
By Paul Landry & Evan Garland 

“ERAC Licensed myBlueprint Findings from SD45”
By Damian Matheson and Scott Bruce 

“From School Library to Library Learning Commons”
By Gordon Powell 

“Google Apps and Office 365 Integration”
By Karen McGregor and Matt Williams 

“How Heritage Christian Online School is Already Providing Personalized Learning & Preparing for the New Curriculum”
By Darryl Johnston and Pippa Davies

“Let’s Talk About Scrum!”
By Brian Kuhn 

“Meaningful Mentoring”
By Lisa Read

“Minecraft: Digging into a World of Creativity”
By Jessica Bonin 

“Nurturing Global Citizenship – A Progression to Anytime/Anywhere Learning”
By Kevin Amboe 

“OwnCloud – Your Own Cloud Solution”
By Glen Posey and Lisa Read

“Rosetta Stone for French Immersion and Core French”
By Carrie Despres, Boris Morew & Cary DePriest 

“SCCM Configuration Items & Baselines: A Swiss Army Knife for the Enterprise”
By Andrew Staehling 

“Skype in the Classroom, Skype for the District”
By Karen McGregor 

“Supporting & Enriching a SharePoint Environment in Education”
By Matthew Hull 

“The New WWW: The Wonderful World of Wearables”
By Orwell Kowalyshyn and Lisa Domeier 

“The Secret Language of the Intrawebs”
By Lisa read