Mat Burke

Mat Burke


Mat is a highly qualified sales and strategy professional with more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry. His career spans two dotcoms, five years in the public sector, and half a decade at a global multinational enterprise. He has achieved success as an individual contributor, as a leader of teams as large as 20, and as an entrepreneur. As a passionate communicator, Mat has logged hundreds of hours presenting at conferences, in dialogue with executives, and writing for audiences broad and narrow. He has achieved meaningful business outcomes for “Forbes Global 2000” organizations spanning eleven countries across the Americas and Europe.

Mat’s sales philosophy puts the customer at the centre of a value exchange; customer funds are not earned until meaningful business value can be expressed through a complete solution.

As a technology and strategy professional, Mat focuses on achieving measurable business outcomes while leveraging measured and procedural approaches from his background in ITIL and CISSP.

Mat understands that success comes through sustained effort and creativity, an inclusive team approach, and a passion for meaningful customer outcomes.

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